Ten Pitfalls That May Force you to Quit Online Business
1. Messy layout of your webpage or faulty links that do not work. All this gives an impression that you are not bothered to ensure smooth working. It only creates distrust. Nobody would like to have anything to do with such a webpage.

2. Annoying pop ups that delay access to your webpage. You will remain only a silent spectator when the visitor gets frustrated and clicks away fuming.

3. Forcing visitors to download a plug-in to view your webpage. This will raise worries of importing a bug onto their hard drive. Such an anxiety makes the visitors click away from your page.

4. Bulky blocks of text. Any visitor wants to know instantly what your website is all about and doesn't waste time to read your copious boring copy. Poor spelling and grammar add fuel to fire. Such a website portrays an image of lack of care and interest. Should anybody like to do business with you when you cannot even post a user-friendly website?

5. Splashing tall claims of your product and services all over the page. This picture fails to create any credibility as everybody knows that all this is nothing but marketing hype. Such a website doesn't do anything but drive away visitors.

6. Focusing only on visual elements. You have to give information to the target audience. Concentrate only on what your audience should know about your product and services. In effect, prioritize elements and features that draw visitors to your website.

7. Putting what all you like on your website. This may satisfy your ego. Know that everybody doesn't like what you like. If you want to make money through your website, it should be built to arrest the attention of the visitors and lure them to see what you want to say. Be open to the feedback.

8. Copying the website of your competitor. Your site should be unique and stand out so that people will remember it.

9. Allowing your web architect to run riot. He should be properly briefed on what you want from him. Tell him clearly what works for you and your target audience.

10. Miscommunication between you and your web designer. Before hiring a web designer, you must do your homework to make him understand your needs. Once he knows your expectations and your target audience's needs, the outcome will be a customer-friendly website.
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