Starting up, can be confusing and stressful, there is not one thing that needs to be taken care off, there are many and managing them all along with having your mind in the game can be nerve-racking.

That’s why Ebony is the answer to all your problems in one go. We provide workplace solutions, offering services that allow business to operate with the maximum flexibility. All our services and ambiance meets the international standards, of comfort and style which includes fully furnished plug and play offices, virtual offices and well-resourced meeting room.

It doesn’t matter what size of a firm you are we have effective solutions for weather you are small, mid-size or a large multinational. The pioneer of this business center is to meet the needs of all sought of business along with removing the burden of property ownership, management and upfront investment. We aim to change the fundamental ways in which companies manage their real estate needs and wants. Positive environment results in overall progress of an organization. Once all your miscellaneous problems are taken care off, you can focus on much more important and core competencies which will result in minimizing the facility hassles and maximizing employee’s productivity. As all the managerial problems will be taken care of by us, you can concentrate on your goals giving your business new level of heights and prosperity.

Ebony Business Center follows an unique methodology that inspires rather than enervate entrepreneurs to follow their goals. We are trendsetters in the business space industry because we truly respect the needs of businesses by aiming to bring out the most comprehensive selection of workplace solutions. We have advanced policies which helps in creating rare prospects for business to seize opportunities at all levels. For the promoters, Ebony Business Center is not just a business. It is more of a genuine desire to leverage their years of international experience and exposure to give Ahmedabad a truly world-class business center – a workplace where top multinationals as well as local corporate houses would welcome the opportunity to set up office.

When you are leasing out working space, furnishing the spaces as per your needs and requirements, then equipping with the necessary tools and properly staffing constitutes a significant part of the operational investments for any business. We at ebony help you in managing business risk with making optimal use of financial resources. Given, your managing the investment is taken care off, you can now concentrate much more on tackling the issue of growth of your business.

We are located in the centre of the city with a prime location for your business which is also distance away from the airport, railway station, public transportation and other key points of the city. This will also keep you in the best position, in order to seize market opportunity as you are already in competition from day one. There are many perks of having a ready to use, a fully functional office which you can move into within just a day’s notice.