1How is Ebony Business Center different from a traditional office?
To start operations at any traditional office, one has to go through the tedious procedure of identifying office space, coordinating with brokers, going through lengthy agreements, getting the furniture designed and implemented, coordinating with various service providers for telephones, Internet etc. There is a huge investment of not just money but also time. When you opt for the Ebony Business Center, you do not need to worry about any of these issues. You walk into a fully furnished, plug and play office and are ready to commence operations from day one. All your administrative hassles are taken care of by the professional team at Ebony Business Center.
2Are there any lengthy contracts and negotiations that one has to go through before finalizing Ebony?
Are there any lengthy contracts and negotiations that one has to go through before finalizing Ebony? Finalizing an office at Ebony is really very simple. You just have to let our business counselor know of your requirements. Once you have taken a call on the type of office that would meet your specific business requirement, i.e. whether you would like to go in for a Business Executive Plus, Business Executive, Business Premium or Business Office; you need to just sign a simple agreement and you are ready to get started.
3Is a Business Center more cost effective than a traditional office?
It most certainly is. For a traditional office there are huge initial investments to be made in terms of setting up air conditioning; buying equipment such as furniture, computers, copiers, scanners, printers etc; organizing phones and the Internet; and a host of other arrangements such as drinking water and other office necessities. And since time is money, you can add on the cost of the valuable time spent in getting all this ready. Ebony Business Center helps you do away with all these initial costs by providing you with a fully furnished, plug and play office. All administrative support facilities are provided by the professional team at Ebony Business Center.
4What if I need to scale up operations in future or maybe scale down?
That will certainly not be an issue. Our packages are very flexible and are designed to suit your specific business requirements. Whenever you wish to change your office capacity to meet business exigencies, we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. You can move into any of our smaller or larger offices. There are absolutely no obligations and no compulsions based on predefined needs.
5What about office equipment? Do I need to arrange for that?
Ebony Business Center provides you with the latest and most high end computers. You have access to equally sophisticated high end printers, scanners, copiers fax machines etc. The furniture is well designed to meet modern tastes. The best service providers for Internet are at your disposal. So you do not need to worry at all about any infrastructural requirements. Ebony Business Center takes complete care of all your needs.
6What is the sort of support that I can expect from your team?
At Ebony Business Center, we have at your disposal a team of administrative professionals who will take care of all your needs such as cleaning, running errands, handling calls, organizing your mail, handling water and beverage requirements etc. In addition we have 24*7 security arrangements, a well -manned reception area and a technical support team.
7How long does it take to get started in the Ebony office?
The minute you've discussed your requirements with our business counselor, we get to work. You sign your agreement on the same day and are ready to move in within 24 hours.
8What is so special about your meeting room facilities?
The highly sophisticated meeting room of the Ebony Business Center is designed on European lines and meets international standards. It is equipped with the latest, state of the art technology and is geared to host power packed meetings and conferences. Every technical facility needed to host productive meetings such as LED display with laptop connectivity, high speed Internet connectivity,printing, scanning and copier facility etc is available at the meeting room venue. Catering facilities with a number of choices are also available for the sessions. Our professional and trained admin staff will provide any support that you require and will take care of your guests and clients. The most important aspect is that the Ebony Business Center is strategically located in the heart of Ahmedabad and is the first choice of venue for many a business transaction.
9Will hiring the meeting room be a costly affair?
On the contrary, hiring meeting room facilities of the Ebony Business Center is an extremely cost effective option. Our prices are highly competitive. There is also a great deal of flexibility in the sense that you pay for just the number of hours you use the meeting room facility. For our loyal and regular customers, we also offer a number of packages and schemes which makes the Ebony Business Center still more affordable and exciting to use.
10How does the virtual office concept work?
Virtual offices are a great workplace solution for businesses that do not really need the physical office, yet need an impressive address on their cards and would like to project a high image to clients. By opting for our virtual office services, you get yourself the most prestigious address in town without actually having to rent office space. You get all your calls answered and redirected by our professional customer care team. We also receive mails on your behalf and arrange to have them sent over to you at the address specified by you. * I would like to expand into new cities. How can Ebony help? * How can I check the business address is registered or officially approved? * Will I receive receipts for the services?