Virtual offices

Virtual offices:

A virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. Virtual office gives you a chance to own a high profile reputed address in a city, at a fraction of the buying or renting cost of such an address.

Key features :

Phone answering service – Virtual office phone answering service bridging the gap between you and your numerous clients.

Professional address – A prestigious building to be used as the business address. A professional address alleviates the privacy and personal security concerns of running a home-based business or small scale business. A user can expand into new markets by utilizing a provider with multiple locations to establish a professional presence in the desired growth markets.

Mailing address – The professional address can be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mail without the connotations of a PO box.

Reception courtesies – Receptionist at the business address can receive and sign for incoming overnights, deliveries, packages and provide document drop-off/pick-up services.

Business meeting space – The on-demand use (hourly, daily or weekly) of conference rooms and offices for meetings. Meeting space can often be rented at short notice.

Casual workspace – As an alternative to the distractions of co working or the interruptions of a home office, office space is available on an occasional or “drop-in” basis, either hourly, daily or monthly. (Approval required)