Managed Office

Managed Offices from the Ebony Business Center give you access to an all-inclusive suite of high-end office facilities without you having to move a finger.  In the crucial, early days of business operations, we understand how important it is for you to focus totally on your business goals and objectives. The hassles of identifying a proper, working office, furnishing it, ensuring networking and connectivity, coordinating with service providers, ensuring minimal operating costs etc. could all really bog you down and take you away from your core activities.

Move into our fully furnished plug and play offices to experience an all new business high. At Ebony's managed offices we take care of all your office administration hassles so that you can focus on just your business. Ebony Business Center offers packages suited to individual business needs. So whether you need a spacious office with all amenities or an office space with minimum frills, you can rely on Ebony to meet your business needs.You can have your office for the period of your choice. Just let us know.

Ebony's range of Managed Offices includes the Business Executive Plus, Business Executive, Business Premium and Business Office. You can choose yours based on your specific business needs.

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Business Executive Plus

• Ready to move in, premium executive offices, with every conceivable amenity
Business Executive

• High-end, total plug and play executive offices of international standards
Business Premium

• Well furnished, air conditioned offices to meet all your business requirements
Business Office

• Ready to move in, well furnished centrally air conditioned office

See for yourself why opting for managed offices instead of renting out your own office is such an excellent business proposition:

Selecting your Office: Identifying brokers or browsing through the net and then going through the various establishments that may or may not meet your specific criteria, for an office is an uphill task. Valuable time in the initial days of setting up a business is lost searching for and identifying the right property at the right location. At Ebony Business Center, we have already done the spadework and promise excellent work environs in a strategic location.

No Brokerage: For any rented office one has to typically pay a month's rent as brokerage. This could be a huge cost, especially if one has to incur it in the initial days of setting up one's business. There is no brokerage to be incurred if you opt for the services of Ebony Center.

Getting the Interiors Done: Planning, designing and actually implementing the interiors of an office before you are ready to move in, can be a time-consuming as well as an expensive process. Ebony's managed offices are all well designed, furnished and absolutely ready to move in. No obligations and no hassles.

Maintaining Administrative and Support Staff: Recruiting and training employees to handle administrative and other support activities takes a lot of time and takes your attention away from other priority tasks. At Ebony, we take over all your administrative hassles so you have more time to spend on important activities.

Communications: Internet and phone lines are absolutely essential factors and need to be in place from the day go. Identifying the right vendors, getting the best packages and the subsequent coordination required for the same could be potentially time taking and if not managed well could adversely affect operational efficiency. Ebony ensures the best and the most efficient connectivity facilities to match the pace of your business.

Infrastructure: There are so many infrastructural items that need to be ready before commencing operations such as computers, fax machines, copiers, water dispensers, air conditioners etc. Organizing all of them and ensuring regular maintenance of equipment is riddled with hassles and tedious contracts and agreements. At Ebony, we take over your problems and ensure that you can work in peace.

Walk in today to the ready- to- move- in Managed Offices from Ebony and take your business to new levels of success and profitability.